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Guidance on playing older Klik games

The older the game, the more likely you are to have trouble playing it on Windows 10. Here are some tips and tricks:

Where to get newly released Klik games

In addition to the websites of individual studios you should check out:

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In addition to the official Clickteam forums you can check out:

Enjoy and share freeware Klik games in this established community!

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Due to complexities of copyright law, we generally do not host fan games. However, you can find fan games at sites such as:

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Thanks to everyone who has helped support Kliktopia, including: 3kliksphilip, 8-BitAnt, Adam Whybray, Alundra, Anders Jensen-Urstad, Andrew, Anonymous Morris, ArcOnInternet, Asteroid2000, Aquellex, Ben Dowen, BigAl0104, Blackgaze, BolaGustavo, Capitaine Caverne, Chris Street, Cristian Toledo, Clayton, Clickteam, Code6, Convert2Double, Danjo, Davidude, Digivorix, DPS2004, Duncan Fenn, Erica Moura, Goldeng, Gunter Meister, H Hog, Hayo van Reek, Hs_studio, Jay Tholen, JimRenato, Jonny Comics, krum110487, LeoKids, let-off-studios, LordHannu, Luke McCarthy, Marcello Bastea-Forte, Matteo, MonadoBoy64, MSTViper, msg, Mygames19, NL_DoubleZ, Nobuyuki, nomok, Paul Redmond Smart, P-Tux7, R4nd0m4n14, RicardoLuis0, Rikus Kras, RehaSoft, Rijaj, Ryan Armstrong, Sam Beddoes, Sillik7, Tammy Spahn (Vellidragon), Tavian, TechVision, The Gagaman, The MPP, ToonsterGames, tymime, UrbankMonk, Vincent Beers (DaVince), Wackyjackie, walr, Yu He, yxkalle, ygames19, and Yai7! (If you've contributed and I've missed you off, let me know and I'll add you to this list). Games with custom level editors icon adapted from a graphic by Smashicons released under CCBY 3.0.

Note: This archive does not include the Klik games from Glorious Trainwrecks because so many games were released there that it would overload the site. However, whilst Glorious Trainwrecks is now focused on fringe games made with various tools there was a time when the site sparked a Klik & Play revival with popular gaming jams. As part of these game jams people would make a Klik & Play game within a few hours, with no barriers of quality. These particular jams are rare today, but the same attitude of not judging games based on aesthetic quality stands today. So, if either the fringe games or haphazard Klik & Play jam games are your thing then feel free to check them out!

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